Dragonite, a pokemon.

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There are alot of Anime Dragons that have been created, especially by the company Nintendo. Nintendo has made Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, and other games. Pokemon have alot of Anime Dragons, which were created by the Pokemon Company. Dragonite is one of the most notable of the Pokemon Dragons. It has an awesome moveset which includes Dragon Rush, Hyper Beam, Outrage, and Aqua Tail. You could consider Koopas and Bowser as Psuedo Dragons, but they have little characteristics of Dragons besides the basic fact that they are reptilian creatures. They are more like turtles and not like dragons. One of the only characteristics of Bowser that is dragon-like is that he can breathe fire. Other than that, there are also more Pokemon Dragons. You will learn about them and other anime dragons in this article. Enjoy.

Koopas and BowserEdit

Koopas are Mario creatures that kill you when they touch you. They are turtle-like reptiles that have little or no characteristics of dragons. Their king, Bowser has more characteristics of dragons. Bowser can breathe fire, has spikes and looks like a vicious turtle with fangs. He is a challenging boss to beat in Super Mario Bros. 2. Other than that, you could consider him a Pseudo Dragon. <a href="</a>.

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